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09 Apr 10

01 Jan 70

Welcome to the Zombie Master website. The final release of the mod was version 1.2.1, released on January the 4th, 2009. Since then it is no longer in development, and the website is no longer actively maintained.

You can still get the mod from the Files page and read the rest of the site's content. The forums are also still available and active.

The source code of the mod was released under an open-source license. You can download it and find more information in the appropriate forum section.

-Bad King Urgrain @ April 09, 2010, 02:07:18 pm

Welcome to Zombie Master

Zombie Master is a multiplayer survival horror FPS/RTS mod for Half-Life 2. A team of FPS-playing humans attempts to complete map-specific objectives while an RTS player controls the zombie horde with only one goal: death to all humans.
He is the Zombie Master.